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Note: This tutorial assumes the reader has experience with Web3 wallets. If this is all new to you, check out some of these links:

What is Web3?

What is a popular and trusted Web3 wallet?

There are three quick steps to acquiring an avatar:

  1. Setup your Account with a Web3 wallet.

Setting up an account on is much like any other platform (username, password, etc).

However, in order to claim an avatar, a user must connect their account to their Web3 wallet. This can be done by clicking the “Add Wallet Address” button on your account dashboard:

This will bring you to the page to add a wallet…

Animochi is an augmented reality platform powered by open blockchain technology. Users acquire avatars in order to create content on the Animochi mobile app. On the app, each avatar has their own CHANNEL. Owning an avatar allows the user to pose the avatar on the app, capture them using the in app camera, and then post their creation to the character’s CHANNEL.

A Character’s CHANNEL works much like a traditional social media ‘story’, where sequential posts are aggregated and played for other users to view. …


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